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BMG Avalanche Courses 2020-2021

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2020 4:01 pm
by Marc
Our courses cater to the individual learning process with a low student to instructor ratio. Don’t wait until the snow is already deep to take an avalanche course. We've beefed up our concentration of courses this year as well! Being able to use your knowledge and skills after a course is best. Be sure to check for COMBO course discounts in th Registration Page drop down menu. Moreover, we've got a COVID plan in place to help keep you safer.

BMG Level 1 AIARE Avalanche Courses

Taos Ski Valley, NM
Feb 26-28
March 5-7

Santa Fe, NM
Jan 11-13
Jan 29-31
March 12-14

BMG Level 2 AIARE Avalanche Courses

Taos Ski Valley
Jan 15-17

Red Mountain Pass, CO
Jan 25-27

BMG AIARE Companion Rescue Courses
Taos, Ski Valley, NM
Jan 7
Jan 14
Feb 25
March 4

Santa Fe
Feb 1
March 11


Re: BMG Avalanche Courses 2020-2021

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2020 4:05 pm
by Marc
Looks like we may be adding a course either between Christmas and New Years, or right after New Years. Contact me if interested.

Re: BMG Avalanche Courses 2020-2021

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2020 10:06 am
by Marc
We've opened up a few more courses and spread people out to keep ratios low. I've worked hard to get all of our curriculum online, coupled with some Zoom sessions) and we'll be out in the field for 2 solid days for all of our avi courses this year. I think this model works really well, but it's been a lot of work on the front end.

We've got a great staff and we're glad to be able to be providing this much support to a community who clearly loves the backcountry. We appreciate your business and hope that we can help with your avalanche education this year!

Re: BMG Avalanche Courses 2020-2021

Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2021 7:54 pm
by Marc
Only two more open Avi courses for this season are in March. It's been a very busy season for us and we appreciate your patience in us opening up more courses through this season. We've seen skiable conditions in all of our courses, albeit a bit bony. But now there's more snow on the ground and the stability of the snowpack is quite variable. Come and check out how we manage risk in our avalanche courses if you have the opportunity to. we have been able to add an instructor on a couple of the remaining courses, so contact us if you have any questions.

BMG is the only permitted guide service to offer avalanche courses and backcountry ski guided outing this winter in the USFS in Santa Fe and Taos. We also have an Efficient Alpine Ski Techniques (EAST) Course if you're looking to up your game in the BC. We also have a SPLITBOARD COURSE in Taos available! We're thankful for the opportunity to serve the general public and be good stewards of the lands we guide on. Many thanks to the Pueblos we work with ~ we respect their wishes for our LNT practices on their lands and their avoid sacred sites.

Also, please remind the few folks who don't fill in their snowpits to FILL THEM IN. It's not only hazardous for others but it's not good for the flora, and it's disrespectful.

Our COVID restrictions and mandates are still in place. Be safe out there and ski/ride with more restraint than usual to avoid injury.