The Northern New Mexico Avalanche Exchange is a project that was born out of the desire to help New Mexico backcountry enthusiasts exchange information reguarding avalanche activity. This site is intended to support the exchange of information regarding snowpack conditions and avalanche activity. The idea has been discussed by New Mexico backcountry skiiers for years. Actually doing something about it was solidified one evening in Ouray, CO over pizza and beer. Unwilling to rely on regional information that was close to, but not directed at New Mexico, we acted to develop a local source of information. The 2011-2012 season is our sixth one online.

On this site, you can document snowpack conditions that you observed while skiing/snowboarding/whatever. This includes a narrative where you can post things like standard tests (reusch block, etc.) as well as document a trip report. You can also upload pictures. In fact, we’d really like it if you did. There is a suggested report format at the top of the Snow Reports forum.

In addition, we provide a few other sources of information on this site. One is the links section. Here you will find other sites related to avalanche activity and weather.

Thanks for stopping by and we’re looking forward to hearing from you throughout the season.



October 23, 2011 The Education Page has gone away, since most of the notifications will take place in the Education Forum.

Please contact us with Northern New Mexico avalanche information and avy education listings for the 2011-2012 season. And let us know if you want some of the cool (at least we think so) NNMAE bumper stickers.

Thanks and hope to see you out there soon. — Bob, Mark, and Matt