Mt. Taylor

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Mt. Taylor

Postby trevdog » Sat Feb 27, 2010 11:36 am

I dug a couple pits on Mt. T yesterday, one on the windward side (North aspect) and one on the lee slope (SE aspect). On the approach i heard several big "Whoomphs" on the sunnier aspects.
The north aspect had a depth of about 45 inches. The top 35 inches or so inches was a solid slab. The bottom foot of the snowpack was loose sugary snow, about 2mm granules. Compression test did not fail. Shear test failed easily on the interface about 35 inches deep.

The SE aspect had about 55 inches of snow. the bottom portion of the snowpack was the same as mentioned above, (about a foot of loose sugar) The upper snowpack had 2 melt-freeze crusts. one about 8 inches under the surface, the next about 8 inches below that. Compression test did not fail.
Shear test failed very easily on the lower melt-freeze layer. The column did shear at the deep sugar snow interface, but not a very clean break.
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Mt Taylor

Postby Kerry » Mon Apr 19, 2010 9:40 am

On Apr 12, I skied the E aspect off the first knob north of the Taylor summit. First time there. Easy skin up the snowmobile path in the trees eastward from the shed where the road block was. Pleasant 1100' of vert on the E aspect into Water Canyon. After climbing up to the saddle between Taylor & La Mosca, we skied the old wet slide area (NW aspect) to the trail in the bottom of the drainage and back to the truck. Skied/skated the whole way to the truck. Nothing real exciting here in terms of steepness, but a pleasant ski none-the-less.
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Postby scotthsu » Mon Apr 19, 2010 10:19 am

thanks for the report! how much longer do you think the skin and ski lines will be in?
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Postby Kerry » Mon Apr 19, 2010 10:56 am

I wouldn't go back to Mt. Taylor this year. Although I expect some lines still exist, I expect they are diminishing quickly. Remember last year about last week Apr/first week of May, you and I talked about skiing Jicarilla pk, where you and your gang found some pretty rotten snow. I skied the same weekend in the Wheeler area and found much nicer conditions. You made the astute observation that the west edge of the mountain chain (i.e. Jicarilla) is not as sheltered from the warm air like the more interior mountain areas (Wheeler). Mt Taylor is really exposed to the spring warming.

A Mt Taylor hazard I forgot to mention...there is a barb wire fence running N-S across the slope we skied about 70 mtrs below our entry. We could see it clearly upon entry and skied over a lower section. Could be a real bad surprise if not visible, as I expect to be the case in Winter.
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