Post-Season Uphill Access at Taos

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Post-Season Uphill Access at Taos

Postby JBella » Thu Apr 06, 2017 10:11 am

VTSV Johnny and I met with the Forest Service folks last Friday for about an hour to discuss Taos Ski Valley related matters regarding access, it was a positive discussion and some important points were clarified. First of all to acknowledge credit where due, there is ongoing effort on TSV's part to address much of the contention that has arisen recently, and in the year ahead we may see a more progressive and modern attitude from the resort regarding uphill access, stay tuned.

For now, this is the most important point we discussed; the uphill policy that TSV currently has posted on their website, which states uphill access is only allowed until May 15th, is inaccurate. The ski area has a three day buffer after closing day which is Sunday, April 9th this year, to conduct their operations as needed. After that time frame, beginning April 13th, uphill access including skiing and riding is allowed indefinitely. On May 15th the resort's Summer Operations Plan goes into affect, and access may not be restricted by the ski area. Continuing after May 15th, according to the Carson National Forest ~ anyone may hike, snowshoe, ski and snowboard wherever they choose to including within the ski area's boundary. Of course this policy is per normal environmental conditions, in a situation such as during the Summer of 2011 when drought and extreme fire danger existed, a Special Closure Order may be issued by the Forest Service. It is unlikely any situation would arise which would necessitate a forest closure during the Spring when there is still a deep snowpack.

And it should go without saying, yet is important to emphasize the facts that after the ski area closes no avalanche mitigation work is conducted and rescue may not be available ~ standard protocol including proper snowpack assessment and route finding skills are necessary, as well as being aware of other groups who are travelling in the same zone. The ski area retains no liability for anyone's actions or safety while they are closed, and mechanical equipment such as snowcats and snowmobiles may be encountered. Also, while the ski area may be operating snow machines at any time, the area is managed as a non-motorized use area ~ personal machines like snowmobiles and atv's are not allowed the same as any other non-motorized area within the Carson National Forest.

Have a safe Spring everyone, the snowpack in the Taos mountains is pretty deep in places and should provide great skiing opportunities well into June this year!
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Re: Post-Season Uphill Access at Taos

Postby Bob » Fri Apr 07, 2017 9:18 am


Things sure looked good for a great spring yesterday from Kachina Peak:
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