PSA: ortovox ABS airbag notice

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PSA: ortovox ABS airbag notice

Postby Bob » Tue Nov 05, 2013 11:27 am

Just throwing this out there in case someone has an Ortovox ABS pack. I got an email from them today in German and this is how Google translated it. Not a perfect translation, but close enough that you get the picture:

Ortovox Dear Customer,

In sample trips with empty models Ortovox avalanche airbag, the ABS and TOUR TOUR 32 +7 30 +7 W ABS occurred in extremely rare cases lead to an impairment of the trigger function, in which only opened one of the two airbags.

Internal tests have shown that models before 15 October 2013 have been delivered to the commercial, can be affected. We therefore react immediately and call this precaution on the models TOUR TOUR 32 +7 30 +7 W ABS and ABS retrofit before the next use. The cause of the error has already been determined and is corrected by the application of the ABS DOOR OPENER KITS.

Owner of such a pack you would like to / door opener and register the ABS DOOR OPENER KIT Request.

Are explicitly exempted the models FREERIDER 24 ​​/ 24W / 26 ABS.

In addition to the information on our website , we have established a service hotline: Under +49 89 666 and 74 212 we are happy to help students concerned.

Ortovox your team
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