Blizzak Snow Tires

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Blizzak Snow Tires

Postby Jasper » Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:44 am

2 Blizzak snow tires for sale. size 195/65R15. Tread is at 6/32. Tire shop says they have another season on them, and they still fall in 'green' zone. You could use just these 2 if your car is rear wheel drive, if it is front or 4WD then you will need to buy two more tires. Retail is $98.00/tire. Asking $100 OBO for the pair.

I use them on my front wheel drive VW Passat. They work great. I have regularly gone around struggling 4WD vehicles, and often found myself being the only 2WD in snowy parking lots.
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