Watershed Chutes Friday!

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Watershed Chutes Friday!

Postby MarkM » Fri May 01, 2009 10:56 pm

Called in to work with the swine flue this morning and headed up thru Ski Santa Fe to Deception Peak for some turns.

At first we thought it had not frozen overnight, because there was no ice in the stream next to the parking lot - but as soon as we got onto the snow we found it was frozen hard. Up Broadway, lower Midland, Nastar (the boneyard), and Gayway - all of these are sort of a mess from skier tracks, tree removal activities, and equipment being driven on them, and getting a little suncupped, too. Not much thawing at all the whole way up - even though it was quite sunny and warm (and calm!).

While we were snacking at the top Cody showed up.

We checked out the Nambe side - but it was still pretty firm. So we opted for "Bits and Pieces" - which is back down towards the ski area a couple hundred yards or so, and into the watershed. It has a slightly more westerly aspect than the obvious chute into the watershed off the ridge just north of Deception (on the way to Lake Peak) that most people ski, so it thaws slower in the morning.

It was sweeeeeeet. There is a sort of headwall at the top, then it funnels into a classic chute with nice rock walls on the sides - I think around 600-800 vertical, 30-35 degrees or so, mellowing out at the bottom. The first run had an inch or so of corn at the top, maybe 2 at the bottom, and it was only slightly more thawed for the second. Booting out was good both times, although it was getting a little soft by the time we got out the second time - near noon.

But the snow seemed good and stable - firm base below the corn, everything well bonded, no post-holing or punching through, not too slushy, good cover...but a little brown in places.

As we were having lunch after climbing out the wind came up a little, and it clouded up some - but it wasn't too bad.

Back down to the ski area - cornice was awesome! Midland has evened out a little - but it was still a pretty bumpy ride. Back to the car by 1:00.

I can't figure out how to load photos here so have a look at:

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Re: Watershed Chutes Friday!

Postby Bob » Fri May 01, 2009 11:41 pm

MarkM wrote:I can't figure out how to load photos here so have a look at:


One way to do it: once you have your pictures loaded to Picasaweb, place your cursor over the picture and (PC) right-click or (Mac) Control-click, select "Copy Image Address." Come back to the Message body box here and click on the "Img" button, paste the image address (Control-V or Command-V), click on the *Img button, repeat as necessary.



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Postby scotthsu » Sat May 02, 2009 7:51 am

looked fun. thanks for posting.
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