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Postby MarkM » Fri Apr 10, 2009 5:09 pm

A couple of us skied the main chute off Deception, into the watershed, just before noon. (We call this one "Both Feet.")

After a bit of indecision, because things were pretty firm coming up, we poked around a bit and realized conditions were actually pretty good - but only in this chute. Turns out there was an inch or two of new soft snow (from the other day), well adhered on a smooth, firm (sometimes very firm - couldn't even get a pole into it) base.

The skiing was great - went down to the first rocky dropoff (500 vert feet?) - to where you normally have to go right and then can go down a bit more to the flats. It was moist, soft and smooth! We had plenty of grip and bite in the new snow, no worries about death slides. The weather was warm and calm - just a bit of a haze.

Booting out was easy (except for a couple of really firm spots beneath the new snow), and the run back down the ski area was sweet, too.

The Nambe side looked like an ugly mess of wind affected, frozen snow drifts!!

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