pajarito whumpfing

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pajarito whumpfing

Postby scotthsu » Tue Dec 16, 2008 7:58 pm

this morning, i (and half of los alamos) went up and skinned pajarito for the first time this season. as of 8am, they had gotten about 10" new snow overnight with about 20" total in the past 3 days. they got at least another few inches through the morning hours.

in places, you could stick your pole through 2' of unconsolidated snow clear down to the rock. in other spots, the unconsolidated snow was sitting on a few inches of consolidated old snow.

we heard whumpfing all over the place, and several times i felt myself drop lower by an inch or two. we also saw a fracture propagate across Mother run. we did not ski any particularly steep runs (did Mother, Pussycat, and Lumberyard), but i would have been concerned had i been on the top pitches of the fab four or on Oops. i heard of at least one or two guys skiing the fab four, and that the entire top pitch of Breathless "whumped."

anyway, be careful out there the next few days!

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Postby AaronA » Sat Jan 03, 2009 1:55 pm

We (the Pajarito Mtn ski patrol) did some slope cuts Dec 22, before the Pajarito opened. We actually cut Nuther Mother twice because of instability (whumphing). It's just at the right aspect, it seems, to get the most wind loading.

I was up in Boulder last week for the holidays, and we have better/more snow than they do right now, unless you get above 10K feet, but then it's all windblown. The avalanche conditions were pretty unstable up there.

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