Mountain Lion along Windsor - from Kerry

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Mountain Lion along Windsor - from Kerry

Postby Bob » Wed Apr 09, 2008 3:30 pm

This was originally submitted by Kerry in the Snow Reports section, but I decided to move it to the forum since, strictly speaking, it isn't a snow report. It's a helluva story, so read on:

Kerry wrote:Forgot to add to (the April 2nd) snow report that we saw large mountain lion tracks in three different locations, presumably from the same cat, along the Windsor & Skyline south of SF Baldy. Might be worthwhile to avoid zoning on the trail during the trek out at the end of the day. Once I came unwittingly to within 15' of a cougar watching a trail--quickly raising arms above my head and yelling in a harassing deep voice scared it off. Make yourself look as big as possible... Keep in mind that they are known to have killed elk, which are much bigger than we are.
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