Santa Fe & Nambe

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Re: Santa Fe & Nambe

Postby Dorman » Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:36 am

North facing trees indeed.
This is the current situation on Heaven's Hill.
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Re: Santa Fe & Nambe

Postby sody » Sat Mar 16, 2019 5:29 pm

Two days of amazing powder skiing... in north facing trees.

Yesterday, skinned up heavens (direct route) skied to windsor, back up ravens and to the car. Braking trail was rough since snow was pretty deep (knee deep in spots).

Today, up ravens, down to windsor, over to heaven's hill, back up ravens and to the car. Heaven's hill had nice soft and cold snow. Great skiing, no signs of instabilities. Thanks to the group of three breaking trail up heaven's.
Raven's still holds powder. But raven's to the car via the direct route will be crusty after today (and it is pretty roughed up by skiers and snowshoers). Pretty heavy snow at around 1pm, to the point that face plants getting into deep pockest may not be ruled out.

Got a peak at Nambe, the bowl looks really windloaded. one can see the ripples. Started to see point releases from rocks on the west facing (east side of the nambe canyon). With warmer temps and lots of sunshine, those point releases are going to increase.
Also could see tracks coming down raven's into nambe (while skinning up Ravens). Looked like a chute after the first high point of Raven's. Not sure what it is called. Seemed like no slides triggered by those two tracks. Looked like some nice turns.
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