Red River

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Red River

Postby JBella » Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:07 am

Drove up Cabresto Creek to Midnight and hiked to the Edison Mine/Anchor site yesterday, January 8th. Most south facing slopes were clear, many of the shaded, northerly slopes were holding the deepest natural snow I've seen here during January, a whopping 6-8" in some places! The snow was comprised of the past three storm event layers. Lots of surface hoar, and the lower layers were mostly stiff yet brittle facets. I struggle to consider it true depth hoar is there isn't much depth. There were a few slopes which would be possible to make some turns on, one being the trail down to the Edison Mine mill in the Bitter Creek drainage. Cabresto Creek and all the tributaries were frozen ice flows, one thing this extended drought has brought are ice conditions we usually don't see during January. And the opportunity to drive several miles beyond where these roads are usually driveable this time of year. The approaching storm is forecast to produce anywhere from 0 to 12 inches, higher totals could be enough to tip the scales and create avalanche potential on some north facing slopes in this region. Any slides will be small, the hazards will be trees and on-ground obstacles more so than burial situations but be aware of terrain traps like streams and gullies where debris may pile up deeper than on open slopes.

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Re: Red River

Postby scotthsu » Tue Jan 09, 2018 11:24 am

kudos on getting out to some cool spots, and making the best of the dry winter thus far!
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