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Postby steve » Sun Mar 18, 2007 8:59 pm

he yall! my first post. Figured I would get some inside info on your snowpack as March just cruises by. Thinking about coming down to toas area March 20th thru the 25th for some bc skiing with my girlfriend and our 2 dogs. specifically I was thinking of checking out some of the larger peaks up behind questa and el rito. Some names of peaks I can think of are such as latir or cabresto? I have hiked around there a little bit but mainly just have been in the shadows of this mysterious mountain range that I must seek. I was wonderin If anyone can clue me in to how the snow has been settling out or gone through an extensive melt freeze? Is it going to be too warm to catch any corn? Its hard to tell what the snow is like 12 hours away up in slc. any info on skiing in that part of the range or snow conditions would be much appreciated. thanks
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Postby Jasper » Tue Mar 20, 2007 5:24 pm

I havnt been in the Taos area at all but have been out a bit around Santa Fe. Melt freeze has definatly been happening. There is corn to be found. South facing slopes are pretty rotton though. Some north facing protected zones still even have some powder like soft snow. Things are pretty stable also with a 150 cm consolidated snow pack. How are things in SLC?
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Postby steve » Mon Mar 26, 2007 8:22 pm

thanks for the info jasper. just before I was gonna come down there we decided to do some canyon exploring in the Escalante area in southern Utah instead. But I still plan on exploring some of the Latir wilderness area this spring. hopefully in mid April there will still be some corn skiing left, in the upper elevations proabably by then.
in slc, Mostly a rotten faceted snowpack for the whole winter until a 5 foot episode early late feb-early march. That gave us a large natural cycle. snowpack has taken a while to settle due to the deep facets. Then it got very warm and didn't freeze overnite and active deep facets layers were failing during daytime heating. Since I have been gone the last week, I have read that the snowpack has settled out with the seasonal temps and refreezes. Tomorrow thru wednessday we are supposed to get 1-2 possibly 3 feet in favored locations. one last horrah . . . hopefully not.
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Postby Wobage » Tue Mar 27, 2007 9:50 am

Access approach to the Latirs is typically a long hike and others have done it as epic adventures. I live in Questa an just find I get so much more skiing out of the Lake Fork/Williams or Gold Peak vicinity that I have not skied the Latirs myself.

We are getting another snow and wind event thru Wed, but hopefully there will be some MF action Thurs and Fri to set up the snowpack. I plan on a trip in the Lake Fork area on Sat or Sun if weather cooperates.
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